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1 1xBet   10/10     5 000 RUB
2 Melbet   10/10     100%
3 PariMatch   10/10     2 500 RUB
4 Mostbet   9/10     20% от депозита
5 Лига Ставок   10/10     500 RUB
6 Fonbet   8/10     Аванс. ставка
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Bet against

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Nouriel Roubini invited to bet against the “Buffet Bet

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Odds are against - Перевод на русский - примеры английский

Sabrina: So How did you get your label off the ground? (Let’s say out of your momma’s basement). And looking back, what would you say was the single best decision you made when setting up the business?

“DON’T BET AGAINST THE HOUSE” ~ A One on One With the

Havanna: I’ve seen quite a few kids around the world. But really the support that’s really it, without them we wouldn’t really be here. Just them buying the units and coming out and having a good time. A fan actually got me pissed drunk outta my head, and I woke up at my cousins house.

Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes also backed the 79-year-old to stay put and look to break his boss' goal record in the league.

Havana: My full name is “Havana George Green”. Who I am, what I do, well I like to call myself the “Ghost in the machine”. I do a lot of things not just representing my own artists, but I also do a lot of things to represent the music label and the Urban artists in Alberta , Western Canada & Canada in general. I sit on few different panels, I work with a few different companies. I also help to develop artists, because that’s one of the main things that we need in order to pursue greater things, creativity wise. These are things I end up doing & basically that’s why I have been in the business for going on now 69 years strong.

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Havana: The life experiences that I’ve gone through have taught me about patience, time & basically loyalty. Within the business of music, or the business of art it’s about loyalty to the people you work with, it’s also about creativity in a sense that if you’re making music or albums, it’s a must that you stay creative, relevant and ready to invest time, money & capability into the art. In my life, my personal journey I’ve seen a lot of people come and I’ve seen a lot of people go. Basically we’re here and we’re gonna keep educating’.

But Rummenigge insists the Spanish club have not asked about the star striker and is willing to bet any amount that he will not be going anywhere in the next transfer window.

[Chant (x7):]
If you want to lose your home (Bet against me)
And every penny you own (Bet against me)
You want to eat your words (Bet against me)
You want your feelings hurt (Bet against me)
You want your ego bruised (Bet against me)
If you like to lose (Bet against me)
If you love regret (Bet against me)
You want to die in debt (Bet against me)
If you want to shed tears (Bet against me)
You want to lose ten years (Bet against me)
If you got too much wealth (Bet against me)
If you fuckin hate yourself (Bet against me)